Organic Grains, Flours, Pulses, Nuts, Stock Food and More

NZ BioGrains Ltd is located in the Mid Canterbury town of Ashburton. We supply and process organically grown grains, flours, pulses, nuts, stock food and other organic products to clients all over New Zealand. Our goods are supplied in packets ranging from the convenient 500gm bag to bulk purchases in 25kg bags. NZ BioGrains Ltd is certified by Bio-Gro which is in turn accredited by the international Federation of Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). IFOAM represents the best in international organic standards.

Biograins Products - Organic Wholemeal Flour, White Flour, Oats, Soup MixOrganic products have grown enormously in popularity in recent years as people have become more Health conscious and are looking for a better quality of goods. Organic goods cause less environmental pollution when produced and have longer shelf life than those goods grown with the help of chemical fertilisers and and sprays etc. They also are processed with nil or minimal use of synthetic additives. Organics is not a new invention, for thousands of years before chemical fertilisers and pesticides this was the way goods were grown. It is only in the last 50 years that these chemicals have been introduced to the food chain with some disastrous effects on people's health, chemical poisoning food allergies to name but a few. We have noticed an increased demand in customers looking for goods produced in New Zealand which is a bonus for New Zealand's economy. Organics not only has a positive effect on people's health but also impacts positively on the environment.

BioGrains philosophy is very simple. We believe the way ingredients are produced, selected and processed is of the utmost importance for the health and well being of agricultural production, the environment, animals and of course humans.


New Zealand BioGrains

We mill and supply organically grown grains, flours, pulses, nuts and other organic products to clients in all parts of New Zealand. There are lots of reasons for using organically grown products. Firstly they are healthy and nutritious and cause less environmental pollution when produced. Most products are available in 7 packing sizes from the 300 gram trial package to 25kg bags for frequent use. Please visit our online shop for details of the products available, terms of trade and help on how to order our wide range of organic products.

Biological Products

Owing to the reduction in recent years of certified arable farmers we have added biological grains to our range of products. Biological wheat and oats are used in stockfood and flour.
Biological farmers focus on soil husbandry using proper fertilizer and therefore not having to spray. We anticipate most will become certified in time with the drop in dairy prices more farmers are becoming interested in organic farming.

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